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Can Naturally Improve Our Memory?

Extract of Rosemary


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Antibacterial and antioxidant rosmarinic acid

Naturally effective

Memory Booster

Rosemary has been linked to stimulating cognitive activity in the elderly as well as those suffering from acute cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Molecule of Youthfulness

Naturally Hyaluronic Acid

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Reasons To Start Using Hyaluronic Acid

Superhydrant - They hydrate dry skin.

They help reduce and prevent wrinkles

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology proved that hyaluronic acid skincare products were linked with less wrinkles and reduced skin sagging.

Plumps & is Safe for sensitive skin

Super-moisturizing abilities of hyaluronic acid is part of what helps it to plump the appearance of our skin, which is why hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient found in skin care products that help plump the look of skin. It is also hypo-allergenic.

Brilliant All Year!

Wonderful for restoring skin’s hydration year-round. As we head into fall and winter months, cold, dry air, and heaters zap our skin’s moisture. In summer, heat and sun exposure totally dry us out.

Health Benefits of Lemons

Hidden Health Secrets of Lemons

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Erase Eczema

Combine With Honey to Alleviate Eczema Troubles


The two biggest are lemons’ strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and their use as a weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser.

Put Insomnia to Rest

Helps reduce anxiety and promote sleep. In a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 18 healthy volunteers received two separate single doses of a standardized lemon balm extract (300 mg and 600 mg) or placebo for 7 days. The 600 mg dose of lemon balm increased mood and significantly increased calmness and alertness.

Loaded With Vitamin C

The healing power of lemons works both internally, by supplying urgently required vitamin C to your defence cells, and externally, through the application of its antiviral properties to the virus on the mucous membranes in the nose and throat.

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